Allgear Sportswear
Screen Printing & Vinyl Graphics

Welcome to Allgear Sportswear

Your source for custom printed clothing and textiles since 2004. We can print on almost any fabric from your everyday comfy tee, sweatshirts, polos, hockey jerseys and so on. Whether your looking to outfit your sports team, club, band or business we can help. If you need a new look, fresh ideas or need a new screen printer please contact us. With a few minutes of your time and just a little information we can get started on your project. And most estimates can be completed in just a few minutes. If you would like to see some of our work please check out our photo gallery here.


Our Process
Our print process includes spot color, simulated process and process printing as well as heat press when desired or needed.  Click Here for more info.


Our Vendors
We purchase from some of the largest distributors nationwide which gives us the ability to offer competitive pricing, great selection and quality as well as product availibility. Online Catalog


What to expect when you call or email us.

Upon contacting us we will need your contact information and a little knowledge of what your looking for. From there we will put together and email you a quote based on what your looking for, art design, printed clothing etc. Then once you approve the quote we can begin the design process if you don't have art already. Then we will send proofs and upon your approval and order payment we will schedule your job, order products and begin printing film, making screens and so on. Once your order is finished we will either ship the items or call, text or email you of completion at your discretion.