Allgear Sportswear

Screen Printing & Vinyl Graphics

Art Department

Have an idea you want to put on a shirt, need a business logo, or a design for business cards and brochures? Our art department can help. Give us a few ideas or tell us a little about your business and we can design an attractive logo to meet your needs. Or maybe your bachelor/bachelorette party needs a little style. 

Our requirements for customer provided art.

All art must be in native file formats such as EPS, AI or 300dpi image file. Low resolution web quality art doesn't have enough detail to print a quality image or accurately separate colors from. The standard quote in the industry is "garbage in garbage out" which basically means if the original file is not good enough for printing it will show in the final product.

*art fee of 45.00 per hour for art design not used for in-house printing (websites, business cards etc) 

All artwork designed by Allgear Sportswear for free for use in printing is our property and we do have the right to charge a fee if you request an EPS or high quality image for use outside of Allgear Sportswear.

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